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Core Publications

Our Core Package includes many of EMPRA’s daily publications and provides clients with information regarding day-to-day developments that take place in Mexico.

Mexico Notes 

EMPRA’s memo-style reports that cover and analyze political and policy developments in Mexico.

Special Reports

Analysis-driven, detailed reports that provide in-depth coverage of a single emerging issue. Special Reports cover topics of all areas related to Mexican politics and policy developments. These information- and analysis-rich reports provide decision-makers with the necessary insights to react to emerging trends.

Energy Reform Watch

Day-to-day converge of market, regulatory and policy developments in the energy sector along with insights on the motivations and ramifications of such changes.

Legislative Monitor

Concise reports addressing important initiatives and developments in Mexico’s legislature.

EMPRA Presentation Series

Presentations summarizing EMPRA’s views on political, social, and public security developments. These presentations place emphasis on emerging trends and future scenarios.

Security in Focus

Comprehensive, analytical reports addressing key security-related developments and destabilizing trends.

Flash Reactions

Timely reactions to breaking news stories in the political, regulatory, and security arenas.

Premium Publications

Energy Intelligence Source

In-depth, analytical reports that address issues of strategic relevance in Mexico’s energy sector, including fact-checking of government statements. These reports provide in-depth coverage of critical developments.

Pemex Intelligence Report

An executive report centered on key developments related to Pemex’s flagship projects, management decisions, power dynamics, inter-agency relations, and impending changes in policy and regulation.

Mexico Downstream Report

An executive report that provides insights into developments in Mexico’s downstream sector, analyzing the interactions between public and private actors, the significance of potential shifts in policy and regulation, progress on infrastructure projects, and important advances in Pemex’s activities.

Rule of Law and Public Security Outlook

A comprehensive monthly report that tracks key developments in public security, including hotspots of violence, emerging trends in organized crime, changes in security policy, and affectations to private sector, with a focus on the long-term dynamics impacting the country’s public security outlook.

Mexico City Metropolitan
Area Security Observer

A bi-monthly report that monitors security dynamics in the Mexico City metropolitan area, analyzing trends in criminality and violence, organized crime dynamics, affectations to the private sector, and public security strategies in key boroughs and neighborhoods of concern.

Other Services

Consulting Hours

EMPRA also offers our clients in-person consultations with our experts. Clients can use consulting hours toward conference calls, presentations, client meetings, and other activities.

Tailored Projects

EMPRA can develop presentations, publications, or other projects alongside clients who need services not offered to other EMPRA clients.

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